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Below are the articles I have written on my experiences with the H&R Handirifle, my Savage rifles, and various other hunting related stories.  I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I do writing and publishing them here for you.  If they are in some way helpful, drop a line and let us know.

One of the rifles I used to have was the Buffalo Classic.   It was a fine rifle.  Regrettably I sold it due to eye problems.  I wish I had never gotten rid of it, but oh well, we sometimes make choices we cannot take back.   That was one of mine.

I have owned many others as well.  Including the 223 Ultra Varmint   (featured in it's own article below), 45-70 standard barrel (22"), 26"   280 Remington, and a 20 gauge slug barrel.

The NEF rifles I now have are actually my son's rifles.  They each have a 223 and 30-30 barrel.  All three are very accurate with both handloads and factory ammo.

Of course to shoot these fine rifles at the range you need a good steady rifle rest like the one I made (featured below).  Since I am college poor, (I'm not in college, I'm just poor cause I'm paying for two son's college at the same time) I do what I usually do.  I make it.  Besides, even If I weren't paying for college, I'd make it anyway.

Target frames are a simple affair to make.  I'll soon have an article and pictures to show you how to make a target frame and stand very cheaply.

When you decide you no longer like the finish on your rifle, here is an inexpensive alternative to having it done by a pro, at professional prices.  I call it Home Brewed Parkerizing.

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